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Welcome to MJCET's ACM Student Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery is a U.S.-based international learned society for computing. It was founded in 1947 and is the world's largest and most prestigious scientific and educational computing society. ACM is widely recognized as the premier membership organization for computing professionals, delivering resources that advance computing as a science and a profession; enable professional development; and promote policies and research that benefit society.

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Are you passionate about technology? Do you want to make a difference? Are you looking for employment? Do you enjoy free food? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ACM@MJCET could be the right organization for you.

Who are we?

ACM@MJCET is MJCET's student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, the leading premier organization for computing professionals. We are dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary computing and enabling professional development on campus.

ACM Student Membership

There are many reasons to join ACM. When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world, by helping to shape the future of computing. ACM provides the tools and resources to help get you there, by advancing your career and enriching your knowledge with life-long learning resources.

  • A vast network of nearly 100,000 highly dedicated student and professional peers
  • ACM's Career & Job Center, where you will find targeted job opportunities and more
  • Learning Center with resources for lifelong learning, including online courses targeted toward essential IT skills and popular certifications; online books & videos from Skillsoft®, online books from O'Reilly®, Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress; videos and webinars on hot topics, presented by today's innovators
  • The option to subscribe to the full ACM Digital Library, which includes over 2 million pages of text
  • Unique volunteering opportunities to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the marketplace
  • The opportunity to join one or more of ACM's Special Interest Groups in 37 specialty areas of IT

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ACM Student Membership

Upcoming Events

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is based on the phenomenon on of quantum mechanics. Phenomenon such as superposition, entanglement and quantum interference are applied to computing which introduces new concepts to traditional programming methods. But why do we need it? It’s simple, because some problems cannot be solved by neither our classical computers nor the super computers or sometimes Calculations that might take days for a classical computer might be solved by the super computer in seconds. Unlike classical computers which use bits, Quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits to store information in the quantum form. The heart of the quantum computer, qubits, make use of quantum properties of nature known as “superposition” and “entanglement”, to perform some calculations much faster than the classical computers. They play a similar role as bits but behave very different manner. The power of the quantum computers grow exponentially with the increase of qubits. How does quantum computing work? A quantum computer has three primary parts: • An area that houses the qubits • A method for transferring signals to the qubits • A classical computer to run a program and send instructions There are many companies working for the development of quantum computers which are the true future of developed computing.

Time : 3:00 pm to 4 pm (IST) 28th Aug 2021
Venue : Google Meet

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